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You develop applications for internal use or on behalf of your customers.
The information processed by your applications are confidential and therefore requires a certain complexity of management.
You must comply with data protection regulations.


  • has the solution: thanks to the SDK Lybcrypt,we simplify the management of this confidential data and we guarantee you the native encryption from start to finish of your applications.

How SDK Lybcrypt Works’s SDK is a javascript library that allows you to natively integrate data encryption
and files in your web applications.

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Library functions

  • Generation and management of ElGamal and AES encryption keys,
  • pkpbf2 authentication,
  • hash generation,
  • elGamal-threshold encryption management (recovery authorized by a quorum of people in case of lost keys)

As a result, your application data is encrypted and you no longer have to manage their confidentiality while respecting the GDPR.

Benefits for all actors

On the users side

  • Confidentiality of information through end-to-end encryption
  • Ease of use
  • Responsive:Desktop, tablet, phone
  • All browsers compatibility
  • Traceability

On the system administrators' side

  • No access to data
  • Web application like any other
  • No specific management of encryption keys


  • Simple to integrate into the web application
  • Help respect the GDPR
  • Security and Privacy-By-Design
  • Data recovery by a quorum of administrators
  • The security of your app no longer depends on your host

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