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Lybero, protecting your data

At Lybero.net, we offer software solutions for data protection through web cryptography.

Thanks to our products, the deployment of encryption in organizations becomes easy and the protection of web applications is a breeze!

Your sensitive data is encrypted and compliance with the RGPD guaranteed!

Our products

CRYPTnDRIVE: the encryption drive of your data for you and your employees.
A true digital safe, our solution adapts to the security constraints specific to certain sectors.

Our SDK Lypcrypt development kit natively encrypts your data directly in your web applications.

  • Want to increase security and encrypt data from your web applications?
    Our Lybcrypt solution is a tool for your developers to encrypt your data directly in your applications with ease!
    With this development tool, your IT department will be able to integrate web cryptography into your applications without having to manage encryption keys!

Lybero.net the simplicity of data encryption for your security!

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