#New partnership

Hego IT, expert in IT infrastructure security and data maintenance, and Lybero.net, expert in web encryption and data protection, join their forces to offer you the best suited solutions to your data security needs in Germany.

HEGO Informationstechnologie GmbH was founded 1997. Since then the company has gathered customers from all markets all around the world.
Their customers are located worldwide in Germany, Europe, USA, VAE and even China. Core competency of HEGO is the design and realisation of long-living strategies in the area of IT security, IT governance, compliance and design. HEGO is protecting its customers from downtimes in IT infrastructure, data-breaches, intrusions and all other kinds of IT security risks, both in terms of technical and also strategical consulting.
Their team is highly motivated to work for customers success and trained on the best possible level ( ISO 27001 / ISO 27005 / ITQ / CEH- Certified Ethical hacker and much more)

Hego IT as an expert on strategies in cybersecurity will provide you one of the most secure solution in cybersecurity.

Thanks to this unique partnership, which will offer you high security solutions to protect your data wherever you are.

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