Our solutions for public authorities.

Facilitate confidential data exchanges for civil servants and ensure safety for the community

Local authorities handle personal and confidential data on a daily basis. The links between the different organizations lead to exchanges that need to be protected.

We offer you a universal drive file-sharing solution perfectly suited to heterogeneity interlocutors, files and organizations.

By clustering all informal file exchanges into a single system, CryptnDrive simplifies the daily lives of systems and security teams.

You can also natively encrypt the data of the applications used by your collaborators with the Lypcrypt SDK.

Secure access to confidential data

Public authorities must ensure the protection of the data to which they have access; but also ensure their confidentiality.

By integrating privacy and security-by-designprinciples, Lybero.net gives you access to the highest level of security in the process of protecting your data.

Building the trust of the citizens

Because of their public aspect, the citizens naturally have confidence in all public bodies. Especially with regard to the data they exchange: tax notices, identity card, criminal record …
With Lybero.net solutions, you can build that trust by guaranteeing your citizens that their data are protected and their privacy guaranteed.

Facilitate the day-to-day work of civil servants

Being able to meet the new data protection requirements should not come at the expense of the work processes of public service officers.
Mindful to offer a solution for everybody ,Lybero.net allows you to set up the storage and transfer of sensitive data in a simplified way, without installing any software!
Our solutions make it easier to manage information systems for your service.

We offer you secure data encryption solutions while respecting GDPR.

Use cases

Identity data

An organization of vital importance checks the identities of visitors before they arrive on site.
A web application allows scans of identity documents to be deposited in an encrypted way.

Access to study reports

A public body wishes to provide some staff with a report on delinquency at the regional level. The organization may allow access to the file to certain users only.

Applications for social assistance

A person applies for a file report for social assistance.

The files he/she will share with the public body can be encrypted in the drive.


A police officer records a traffic violation and makes an electronic report.
The identity data in the minutes are encrypted in the application of the vehicle registration system.


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