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What if you had a new cryptographic usb key for each exchange with each caller?

Many documents exchanged between TPE/SME and their clients are confidential documents (patent, RIB, strategic documents…).
In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations, they must be protected by safe and protective solutions by design.

While there are many solutions to share files securely today; few can guarantee a sufficient level of protection against cyberattacks.

Lybero.net offers you an ADAPTED SOLUTION. You can suddenly offer a safe and complete web experience to your customers.

  • Thanks to the unique file sharing per customer,organized in a digital safe, you have an immediate status of shared documents and your client a simple interface of access.
  • Thanks to native data encryption done directly in your applications.

Ensuring the security of trade

Businesses need to be able to exchange documents with their customers reliably and securely.

With Lybero.net, you can guarantee this level of security through end-to-end encryption and the implementation of data recovery by a quorum of administrators.

You control who has access to shared files. Only the intended interlocutors can access the files via their web browser.

Avoid data leakage

Companies process data with a confidential dimension at different levels: HR, commercial, strategic, legal…
They use many applications to facilitate processes, project management and internal communication.
They must be able to be sure that the information exchanged by its applications will not be taken out of the company.
Thanks to the our solutions, you can encrypt your sensitive file exchanges with your external providers and natively encrypt data in applications to prevent your confidential information from being intercepted by a third party.

With ease

Electronic exchanges between a TPE/ETI and its customers must be facilitated, without necessarily resorting to the implementation of a solution requiring management by an IT department.

With Lybero.net, you can do your file sharing easily: a simple web browser is enough, no software installation is required!

We offer you secure data encryption solutions while respecting RGPD.

Use cases


Native encrypting of employees’ salaries for payroll application and administrative management of staff.

Sales analysis

A company uses an app to conduct sales analysis reports.
With native encryption of the application, sales report data will be encrypted and not accessible to a third party.

Intellectual Property Firm

Exchange of information for the establishment of a patent between a firm and a client. The confidentiality of exchanges is crucial. With the exchange of documents by an encrypted drive the confidentiality and security of the data are preserved.

Accounting firm

An accounting firm wants to make annual balance sheets available to its clients.
The storage of these confidential documents on an encrypted drive ensures the security and privacy aspects of the customer.



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